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Places still available for all August dates!

Our Creative Kids Summer Camp is a wonderful and unique program for your children, based on our fundamental belief that giving our children the time and environment to think creatively and explore new ideas and skills will benefit them hugely as they develop and grow.

Suitable for children aged from 2 - 13 years old, our Camp will run from 9-12pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during June, July and August. You are free to sign your child up for as many or as few days as you like, giving you complete flexibility during your hectic summer schedule. We also offer a lunch club from 12-2pm if you need your kids looked after for a longer period during the day. Based on demand, the children will be split into age appropriate groups to ensure that the learning is tailored to their abilities.

August Dates: 17th and 22nd, 23rd, 24th

Read below to find out more about our program, which we believe is truly unique to anything else on offer today.

Arts & Crafts

Studies have proven that arts & crafts help develop bilateral coordination, fine motor coordination, self regulation and can boost self-esteem in people of all ages. Our camp gives children the opportunity to discover a variety of arts and crafts in an environment that encourages independence through creativity. Whilst we will have some structure in place, our philosophy is to allow the children to be as creative as they want. If your child is working on a summer project they are more than welcome to bring it to work on with us.

Music & Movement

Music & movement classes have been proven to help children in all areas of their development. Our program will take elements of our year long Kindermusik program alongside our new Yoga at Wonderland offering, all taught by our resident music & movement guru Lara. To discover more on the benefits of Kindermusik and learning through music in general, check out our Kindermusik webpage at www.wonderlandstudios/kindermusik/


Learning With Languages

Research shows that learning a second language can help boost memory, build self-confidence, enhance performance in other academic areas and promote multitasking skills. Not only that but it also increases awareness and appreciation of other countries and cultures. Our program will introduce the children to basic French, Spanish and Italian through learning about each country and culture, building a platform for a love of languages that can benefit your child for a lifetime!

Digital Creativity

Often times we find ourselves in an ongoing battle to reduce screen time for our children, which can be difficult in the age of digital and social media. Our Digital Creativity program aims to introduce the children to the basics of photography, videography and video editing. Our studio is equipped with a full photography studio and both photo and video cameras that the children will use to learn the ways that they can be creative in our digital age. The learning will encourage them to put down the ipads and use technology to be creative!


  • Single day: $25/child
  • Weekly rate: $75/child
  • Lunch club: $10/hour (2 hours available each day, 12 -  2pm 
  • Siblings receive a 20% discount

Spaces are limited to contact us today to book your child's place!