Party Waiver Form

Form to be completed by principal contract/party booking person.

I agree to allow my child and all other children to participate in Wonderland Studios (WLS) Party activities. As a parent/guardian of my child(ren) and as the principal contract holder with WLS, I hereby assume any and all risks involved in connection with the Party activities. I hereby release Wonderland Studios, Inc, their employees, agents, representative, and assigns other individual or entity association with the operation of said Party for any harm, injury, or damage that may occur to my child(ren) and all other participants as a result of their participation in the Party, whether foreseen or unforeseen including any risks or danger created from or harm caused by any negligent act or omission of any of the below mentioned parties.

On behalf of my child(ren) and all other participants, I indemnify and hold harmless the above mentioned parties from any claim for damages or injuries on the part of said child or his/her heirs, executors, or administrators, and to reimburse any loss damages, or costs that any of the above may have to pay as a result of such claim or related litigation by said minor child or anyone in his/her behalf and I hereby release, waive, and discharge any claim or cause of action that I may personally have as a result of any damage or injury or injury suffered by minor child(s).

I, on behalf of the below minor(s) and all other participants, hereby give permission to any licensed physician and/or hospital to provide emergency medical treatment which may be necessary due to any injury accident incurred while participating in the Birthday Party. I agree to be responsible for all costs related to such medical treatments.

I have read and understood this ASSUMPTION OF RISK, WAIVER OF LIABILITY and MEDICAL AUTHORIZATION. I VOLUNTARILY affix my name in agreement.

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