move & groove with music in wonderland

Music is scientifically proven to support children in all areas of their development using music as the vehicle. Not only does music help children to grow and develop skills in areas such as literacy and math, but it can also build a love of music that can last a lifetime. Wonderland’s mission is to help children (and their caregivers!) bond, learn, grow, develop and have fun through the joy of making music!

Music in Wonderland is offered as both an after school activity program, as part of a birthday party package or as a program of classes at a location of your choice. Contact us today to find out how we can integrate music and movement learning in your child’s life!

Age Appropriate Learning

Age Appropriate Learning

We offer classes for children aged from birth to 7 years old. Each class is specially created to provide every child with developmentally appropriate activities, instrument exploration and music and movement opportunities. The classes are the perfect way to expose children to all the benefits of musical education at a young age, laying the foundations to build a love of music, rhythm and playing instruments throughout their lives.

Benefits of Kindermusik


Research has shown that exposing young children to music hugely benefits their emotional, social, cognitive and physical development. Music classes have been proven to improve children’s school readiness, whole body development, math, language and literacy skills. Every time you participate in a class, an experienced educator will be there to share with you the benefits of the various activities.

Kindermusik by Wonderland Bonding & Sharing Time

Bonding and sharing time

All music classes offer caregivers dedicated time to enjoy a precious bonding opportunity with their child. Children age birth-3 will have their caregivers support throughout each class. Older children participate with just their educator and peers until the last 10 minutes of class when they get to share their favorite activities with their special grown-up!