find inner peace with yoga in wonderland

Wonderland Studios is excited to announce that we are now offering child yoga classes! Our teachers are fully trained and certified in methodology in teaching yoga to children and adults of all ages. Our educators use techniques such as story-telling, discussion time and games to take kids on an exciting yoga adventure! Each week provides children with a new adventure story to enable them to warm up, exercise and then relax, with the opportunity to discuss thoughts and feelings and engage in a fun team-building game after their yoga experience.

These classes benefit children in all areas of their development, aiding their self regulation and esteem, and helping them to build on their stress-handling techniques. Yoga and stretching has been found to help relieve children of growing pains, which is a very common condition affecting elementary age children. Yoga has been proven to help children and adults suffering from ADHD and other psychological, neurological and even physical disabilities. Furthermore, yoga can also be used to enhance and compliment the benefits of participation in alternative exercise/movement classes and team sports.

We offer yoga as an after school club or enrichment program, contact us to find out how we can integrate yoga into your school's activities. We can also come to a location of your choice for one off classes or a program of classes.


Summerfield Elementary Yoga Program

Enroll your Summerfield Elementary child in our Yoga in Wonderland after school program!

Mondays 2:30-3:30 in the school gym
6 week course February 25- April 1
Cost $75/child

Summerfield Children’s Christian Playschool Yoga Program

Enroll your CCP child in our Yoga in Wonderland after school program!

Wednesdays 1.00-1.45 in the Fellowship Hall
6 week course February 27- April 3
Cost $75/child

Read below to learn more about the 8 benefits of children's yoga.

Age Appropriate Learning

A Boost in Confidence

As children regularly practice yoga, mastering new poses and creating a flow between their body and mind helps build confidence. Even a simple step, like a child being able to touch their toes, creates a strong sense of achievement. Yoga allows every child to move at their own pace which helps mastering a pose feel important and special and eliminates any feeling of pressure that they may experience in other activities.

Healthy Bodies For All

Regular yoga practice helps promote a healthier body through poses that stretch, strengthen and build coordination. Kids yoga improves flexibility and increases blood flow, which in turn can help reduce the risk of injury during other physical activity. In a recent survey of teachers around the world using Cosmic Kids Yoga in their classes, 97 percent saw improvements in their children’s body strength, hooray!

Kindermusik by Wonderland Diversity & flexibility

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Improved Concentration, Improved Well-being

Part of the positive changes found from using yoga in classes is the improvement they see in concentration. After a kids yoga session teachers have seen improvements in attention and behavior. Using yoga as a short brain break between classes or after school can help kids to focus better, which in turn means more  effective learning! Children’s ability to focus and sustain attention to a task significantly increases after doing yoga.

Managing Stress Through Breathing

Controlled breathing can work wonders for stress and anxiety, helping to give a sense of calm and reassurance. Yoga teaches kids to use their breathing to reduce stress and feel in control when they feel anxious. Once this is mastered whilst practicing yoga, they can take these techniques away with them to use whenever they need reassurance. Frontiers in Psychiatry talk about yoga as a powerful tool to minimize anxiety and encourage self-regulation. 

Mindfulness & Empathy

Yoga helps to align the body and mind, meaning it can be a great introduction to mindfulness too. Children’s yoga often uses stories to engage kids, usually with a mindful message to take away; whether it’s about building confidence, finding inspiration or simply following your dreams! By using the whole body and thinking about our breath in each pose, children finish yoga feeling aligned, calm and happy. 

A Boost To Coordination & Balance

For grown-ups and children alike, yoga is a brilliant way to develop coordination. As yoga poses use a range of muscles, kids find their bodies working in symmetry, improving body coordination and encouraging motor development. Through aerobic activity, muscle development and bone growth, it’s perfect for children of all ages to supplement their school and development activities.

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Inclusivity For All

Whilst we all want our children to be healthy and active, not all children enjoy the competitive nature of sports and performing to win just doesn’t suit all characters. Part of the reason kids  yoga is so successful is its inclusive nature. Yoga practice does not focus on levels of ability, winning or even being better than the person next to you. It instead encourages you to be the best you can be, putting the focus on the self.

A Fun, Interactive Learning Environment

Yoga for kids usually includes songs, story-telling and wordplay for fun. This gives the opportunity for younger children to learn new words and help develop language alongside their school learning. The benefit of adding songs means that the physical movements can combine with the cognitive process of discovering new words – a kinaesthetic process, which aids learning and development in children of all ages.