the wonderland studios story...

Inspired by Lewis Carrol's Alice in Wonderland, Wonderland Studios was created in 2016 by Lara & Ed on a belief that the innocence, imagination and joy found naturally in children should be the foundations of the lives we live.

As we lived our lives at a million miles an hour, we often found ourselves cutting corners on the very things that mattered to us the most. We didn’t always have the time to do exactly what we wanted for special events. Not only that, we would look back as another year hurtled by and discover that we had very little to remember those most cherished milestone moments of family life.

We set out to redress that balance by creating Wonderland Studios.

Not only do we provide music and movement classes for young children with our music & yoga programs, but we plan and carry out magical parties for children of all ages and host special events such as workshops, crafts and movie nights at your chosen location.

At Wonderland Studios we Dream... Live... Capture!